“Let’s Read Together”

“Let’s Read Together”:

“Let’s Read Together”
 Read to activate and reinforce other skills: (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing)
 Read to become a better reader: Reading skills include: skimming, scanning, predicting, and reading for detailed comprehension.
 Read to develop critical thinking skills: Reading can provide opportunities to utilize and sharpen such skills.
 Read for enjoyment:Students should ideally discover not only the usefulness but also the pleasure of being able to read in a second language.

• Details:
One of the most anticipated program of primary section “ Let’s Read Together” was witnessed on Thursday, 3rd October, 2019.
Dua hall was modified with the colourful setup into a fantasy land which thrilled the enthusiastic readers and their parents.
Recitation of Quran, Madeh and Qasidah was done by the students of grade 2. Our respected coordinator Farhat ben enlightened us about the importance of reading and the process of formative assessments. Presentation about formative assessments was integrated with reading and its importance was discussed.
Our young learners were highly engrossed in the story telling session and equally participated in giving the answers of the prompt questions put forward by the story teller, leaving them thoroughly entertained.
The quality time spent by the parents with their children was significant both in terms of relationship building and to highlight the importance of reading. Moreover the suggestions were given to the parents to inculcate the habit of reading in their children and the demonstration of the reading techniques by the story teller was conveyed rightly.
Team MSB is glad to receive positive feedbacks from the parents. Parents suggested to plan more reading programs and share different strategies for improving reading habit.
• Follow-up
A small booklet will be given to each child. They will be asked to write the names of books they read. Record will be checked on monthly basis. Star reader will be selected from each class.

  • Centre:MSB-Haidery
  • Date:03 Oct,2019

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